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Flat stage roof ( fixed height)

This flat roof with fixed height which is designed and calculated to be set up on aluminum base plate with limit height, easy and simple for assemble, with or without covers. available for rebuilding in various dimensions.

All the standard sizes 3x3m, 6x6m, 6x3m, 6x4m, 8x6m,10x8m, 12x10m/10m, 10x10m and other size is available on requireset.  build with BS34 OR BSP34, wall thickness 3mm to  increases the load bearing capacity of this flat stage roof . 

It can not be used in big rail weather, perfect for small outdoor trade show, dj show, small party, wedding, car show, T show and indoor exhibition booth stand, advertisment and so on. 

Product Description
Size: 3x3m, 4x4m, 6x6m, 6x4m, 6x3m, 8x6m, 10x8m, 10x10m, 12x8m, 12x10m and so on 

Pillar: BS34 / BSP34

Beam: BS34 / BS34P

Lift up and down system: NO 

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