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Flat roof stage event truss

This flat roof event truss with lift up and down system, can be used for manual hoist or electric hoist, roofs are widely using of standard truss sections and have load bearing capacities. Size can be small from 6x4m to big 18x10m, height over 5m.  Normally used together with stage platform under the truss. 

Pillar truss seted up with steel base plate with wheels, together with stabilizer and outrigger to support this roof. Can be with or without covers, top canopy is tightered with straps and wall can be either full PVC or wind and light through mesh. 

This roof consist of BSP34 ground support and roof structure of BSP34/ BSP44 and ladder truss. with heavly load capacity , strong and safe design, enable you to re-build the roof in various dimensions. All the standard sizes 12x10m,12x8m,10x8m, 8x6m and 6x4m are to be build with BSP34 and BSP44 , increases the load bearing capacity of the Roof. 

Application: Outdoor indoor concert event, wedding, Auto show, outdoor exhibition stand, theatre, school, choral, product lauch, T show, fashion show .

Product DescriptionAdvantage
Size: 12x10m,12x8m,10x8m, 8x6m and 6x4m

Pillar truss: BSP34

Beam truss: BSP34, BSP44

Tower quantity: 4 / 6 

PA wings: Yes 

1. Easily and quickly setup 
2. Various in size 
3. Ideal for limit budget 

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